551st Parachute Infantry Battalion

Since its inception in late 1942, the Paratroopers of the 551st Parachute Infantry prided themselves on their independence and their ability to adapt to any mission placed before them. Their unofficial motto, “GOYA,” which stood for “Get Off Your Ass,” came to be a symbol of their independence and fighting spirit. From the jungles of Panama to the drop zones of Camp Mackall, North Carolina, to combat operations during Operation DRAGOON in Southern France and in the French Maritime Alps, the GOYAs were adept at completing every mission placed before them.

Unfortunately, despite the 551stParachute Infantry’s unique background and training history, the lack of a consistent, higher headquarters negatively impacted their employment during the Battle of the Bulge, which led to their untimely demise and destruction in the Ardennes Forest of Belgium in January 1945. The fighting spirit and tenacity of the Paratroopers of the “Five-Five-One” continues to inspire us all and should never be forgotten – GOYA! – Read More –

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551st Parachute Infantry Association

551st Parachute Infantry Association

The 551st Parachute Infantry Association, originally activated back in 1984, is now re-activated. To become a member email us at GOYA!