Reunions 2018



Our First Reunion – Fort Benning, Georgia – October 2018

By Eric Buchanan (Secretary)


I think it was appropriate that our reconstituted 551st Parachute Infantry Association would go back to the beginning for the first reunion, the place all of our GOYA heroes became paratroopers.  We visited the field where they made their first jumps and even witnessed the newest class of paratroopers make one of their qualifying jumps.  We then visited the 507th museum, an incredible collection of paratrooper memorabilia by Luke Keating.  Following the museum visit we then had  lunch in the mess hall. The next day we were on to the National Infantry Museum, fantastic museum, and then a graveside service to bring the Battalion Colors to LTC Joerg. Later that day the Association attended the graduation of the paratroopers that we witnessed jump the day prior. Lastly we were treated to an incredible dinner at the Benning Club following graduation. Of course in between, and during, was a lot of storytelling and fellowship. It was great listening to all of the stories of the daughters of Col. Dillard, Richard Field, Charles Giacomino, Wes Richard and Les Meade. Much gratitude to all of those that worked so tirelessly to pull this off…GOYA! – Eric

Please join our association so you can participate in future reunions!  This is something you don’t want to miss. Two families had 3 generations present who bonded immediately with the others through the stories, 551st history, and location-the place where our loved paratroopers actually lived, ate, parachuted, and graduated-we walked their walk!  We must pass on to our future generation the responsibility of keeping alive the 551st Parachute  Infantry Battalion’s.  Join our association today!