Potential itineraries for 13 AUG 2024

For both options on August 13th, a classmate of Philippe, Colonel (Ret.) Jean-Philippe Nguyen, is willing to accompany the group and help as a guide.

Option 1: Road trip from Draguignan to Cannes and  St-Jeannet, via the scenic coastal road alongside the Estérel.

The road from St-Raphaël to Mandelieu, is one of the nicest roads in France.

The bus could make a quick stop at the Dramont Beach, which is one of the main “invasion” beach on D-Day, August 15t, 1944.


(Mandatory reservations, at least 10 days prior)

In Théoule at the Restaurant l’Air du Temps . Restaurant is located on the coastal road before Théoule, and offers one of the nicest view of the Bay of Cannes, the Lérins islands, etc.

Drive to Cannes after lunch then drive to St-Jeannet


In Cannes, recommended restaurant at the Carlton Hotel, which is located on the famous La Croisette Avenue

Drive to St-Jeannet after lunch, and visit of St-Jeannet where the 551st took some R&R in the fall of 1944, before being sent to Laon and the Ardennes in Belgium.

Cannes is important because the 551st and the 509th took part to the liberation of this city. Extract of the National Archives, history of the 551st PIB August 1944 (Source: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.504565956833964)

Itinerary written on 6/11/24 by Philippe Derathé (philippe@derathe.com)

Option 2: D-Day Beaches, lunch in Agay, visit of the French Marines Forces Museum

The idea of this itinerary is to have a short trip the day after arrival in France, because the group will certainly be tired and suffer some jet lag.

The other days (14-17 August) will have a lot of activities and driving.

This itinerary includes 2 main beaches, La Nartelle near Ste Maxime and le Dramont near St Raphaël.

Nice scenic road from Draguignan to Ste-Maxime.

The drive from La Nartelle to Le Dramont is a beautiful ride alongside the French Riviera (the 27Km/ 18 Miles) ride takes normally less than one hour, but during the peak season it can takes 2 hours).

I plan a very short stop at La Nartelle, but a longer one at Le Dramont, where someone from the City of St-Raphaël will give a guided tour.

After Le Dramont, lunch in Agay, on a Beach restaurant MAOBI BEACH CLUB.

After Lunch, reception at St-Raphaël City hall (TBC) and visit of the Marine Forces Museum, where a special temporary exhibit about Operation Dragoon (Southern France/Provence invasion) takes place. General Morillon has accepted to be the tour guide.

Return to Draguignan

Itinerary written on 6/6/24 by Philippe Derathé (philippe@derathe.com)

Pictures of Le Dramont Beach

Pictures of  the marine Forces Museum

Pictures of Maobi Beach Club Restaurant

Remarks: reservation at least 10 days before lunch date.
Address: 124 Blvd de la plage, 83530 St-Raphaël-Agay
Tel: +33 4 94 44 18 08